EQS Digital delivers technological solutions from the shop floor to top management, allowing companies to predict instead of react.

Get the big picture of your Assets and operations.
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UNO is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective industrial digital platform that helps companies excel in Industry 4.0

When companies are often asset-intensive, their daily basis operations depend fully on the performance of their assets.
As well, to aim continuously to better operate, analyze and optimize industrial businesses.

See anywhere, all your asset documents and real-time operational data. Produce information to improve your maintenance and inspection decisions and, ensure a safe and reliable operation.

Digitalize and integrate your safety management into day-to-day operations, in a contextualized and user-friendly interface, reducing risks, ensuring legal compliance, and optimizing resources.

Walking Together

EQS DigitalOur Path

With more than 16 years in an industry context, EQS Digital provides expert consulting services and digital solutions tailored to the industry, to help clients maximize production, optimize asset performance, improve risk management and accelerate digital transformation.

Digital In-house Expertise


Through our software solutions, we deliver IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and operational applications as a service.


EQS Digital R&D team have extensive experience in the development and implementation of Wireless sensors, Wi-Fi networks and hardware communication, for inspection and monitoring.

Technical Services

Through technical advisory services, EQS Global provides detailed diagnostics for integrity assessment, technical and legal assurance, performance improvement and decision-making support.

Digital Consulting

With a multidisciplinary team, EQS Digital provides expert consulting services and digital solutions tailored to the industry.

For The Most Demanding Industries

Oil, Gas & Process Industries
Wind Energy & Renewables
Industrial Equipment

Success Stories

Our deep industry knowledge, software, hardware, and R&D capabilities enable EQS Digital to design and implement end-to-end digital strategies.

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