Why separate risk analyses?

At UNO’s Safety Tools we believe that contextualization and attention to detail are the keys to having a correct and safe operation; so we develop a digital tool that allows users to quantitatively evaluate area and job risks in one place and automatically inform relevant stakeholders.

A fully compliant Risk Assessment module to control the Risks of your operations. With these tools, you can find the overall process of risk identification, risk analysis, and risk evaluation. Integrated with Action Plan Management for full process monitoring.

Ensure compliance of your Suppliers and Subcontractors. With this solution, you can approve external partners documentation or manage access and permissions.

Create powerful online surveys that simply read your employees’ minds. Gain rich insights & improve the decision making.
UNO Work Survey helps you to create a culture of feedback within the organization.

A training and testing tool for your organization.
It’s perfect for organizations of any size, whether all in one place or dispersed around the globe.

Organizing project documentation into one, the centralized area provides a single source of truth to the project team regarding the aims, status, and results of the project in question. It brings otherwise scattered documents into one place, increasing alignment and ensuring goals are achieved.

A tool that helps you manage all your projects.
Allows you to create your own safety frameworks
Streamline all your safety processes interacting with the external partners

Unify your
SAFETY Information


All your safety information in one place

UNO is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective industrial digital platform that helps companies excel in Industry 4.0

A modular digital platform that is built based on more than 16 years of working experience in risk management and asset management for the toughest industries.

We built the platform to fully meets the different industries needs and overcome gaps from top management to the shop floor.

UNO is a digital platform made from experts to experts.

Walking Together

For The Most Demanding Industries

Oil, Gas & Process Industries
Wind Energy & Renewables
Industrial Equipment

Success Stories

Our deep industry knowledge, software, hardware, and R&D capabilities enable EQS Digital to design and implement end-to-end digital strategies.

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